Program Evaluations

Our kids need adult support and benefit from one-on-one time. While I wish I was able to have this one-on-one time with my students, most of the time that doesn't work out. Having another trusted adult in
their life helps to solidify to them that there are people out there, specifically adults, who are supporting them and rooting for them. Having an Elevator also helps to target each student's individual needs.

Jessica McCormick

Alta loves Mary Claire. She looks forward to her coming every week. They have a great relationship. Alta has always been a hard worker, but Mary Claire's influence has helped Alta improve her relationships with other

Andrea Perrow

Since meeting with Amanda, I have seen a transformation with Emily's personality. She has become more open and outgoing compared to when I knew her last year. She seems to feel more confident in her choices and isn't
afraid to ask questions or voice her thoughts. I also want to give a shout out to Amanda for buying the entire class a happy meal from McDonald's to celebrate Emily's birthday. I love that she is making this day special for
her in a way I am not and involving her whole class. AMAZING!

Jessica McCormick

When I met Addyson she was very reserved and was one who, if not watched closely, would fall through the cracks. Addyson has shown great improvement through this year. Nicole has definitely contributed to that.
Addyson is always eager to spend time with her and Nicole provides a nice escape for her.

Jessica McCormick

Nalani loves when Mrs. Kara comes. She works harder on assignments and is more present during lessons. Nalani loves Mrs. Kara and is definitely getting much needed attention, love and support. Education Elevators is
a great program. The students seem to really enjoy it. We are blessed to have Elevators at Piedmont.

Tawna Clark

Holden looks forward to Joe coming. Holden knows that Joe would be disappointed if I give him a negative report. This has made Holden more accountable with school. Joe is a great Elevator for Holden! He definitely
looks forward to him coming.

Andrea Perrow

Luke looks forward to Nate coming every week. He needs the individual attention. Luke's behavior was a huge concern in August, but he has improved so much this year. It has really helped him to have a great adult role
model to love and encourage him to make good choices.

Danielle Goble

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Education Elevators is a West Virginia based, non-profit organization that partners businesses and organizations with local schools to match their employees with students in need of mentors, role models, friendship, academic support, and individual attention.By impacting individual students, we respond to fundamental needs in our communities.Education Elevators is designed to facilitate and support meaningful mentoring partnerships of businesses and organizations with local elementary schools.

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