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ee team allisonWe are in the midst of a youth crisis. Students are struggling academically and every year scores of children, full of unique talents and potential, fail to become productive adults. Many students in our community are facing obstacles that are unimaginable to many of us (e.g. physical and mental abuse, exposure to drugs and violence, neglect, apathy from those they care about most) while trying to succeed in school. Most of these children are shouldering these burdens without anyone to provide consistent support and guidance to help them navigate these obstacles.

Without the necessary support, kids are more likely to become disengaged from school, engage in drug and alcohol abuse and other risky behavior, be violent towards others, and/or dropout of high school. Without some kind of intervention, the odds are stacked too high against these kids.

However, an undisputed wide body of research has shown that by creating strong mentoring relationships between students and caring adults, we are able to interrupt and break negative cycles allowing youth to become contributing members of society.

By matching kids with caring adults from our community, Elevators can help children see their own value, increase their confidence, elevate their aspirations and provide them with the support and guidance they need to reach their potential.

At Education Elevators, we believe that every child has unique talents and the ability to become anything they set their mind to, but they need someone to believe in them and nurture their strengths. I hope that you will join us in helping harness all the incredible human potential in these kids instead of letting them become victims of circumstance.signature

Executive Director

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Education Elevators is a West Virginia based, non-profit organization that partners businesses and organizations with local schools to match their employees with students in need of mentors, role models, friendship, academic support, and individual attention.By impacting individual students, we respond to fundamental needs in our communities.Education Elevators is designed to facilitate and support meaningful mentoring partnerships of businesses and organizations with local elementary schools.

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