Program Evaluations

Lenny is so dedicated to Jeffrey. He visits consistently, and he chooses activities that Jeffrey loves. Lenny has built a wonderful relationship with Jeffrey over the past several years. It is clear that Jeffrey looks up to him and appreciates the time they share. Jeffrey looks forward to their time together. Jeffrey greatly benefits from having a positive male role model in his life.

Stephanie Berry

Katie is more confident, happy, calm, and appears to feel like her opinion and self matters since meeting with her Elevator Deborah. Deborah encourages Katie and shows interest in her and what she does. Katie is excited when she comes to visit her and has better attendance, is less negative and seems to have hope.

Tonya Harper

Aleeah really benefited from spending time with her Elevator. She always came back more settled. It gave her time to express everything that was going on with her personally (relationships/school/home life), so when she came back to the classroom she was more focused on what we were doing. She needed an adult figure in her life that just focused on her, and Ms. Revercomb was that person for her. Aleeah looked forward to her scheduled time every week!

Lyndsey Coleman

Aaron looks forward to seeing Jeremy each week and shares with me the fun things they did. He struggles academically, and I think he appreciates having something that is different or special about him that doesn't have to do with school. He still has some struggles with reading, but I have seen great improvements with his attitude and ability to persevere through tough situations. He seems more confident all around. I think this is a WONDERFUL program and I am so grateful we have people who care about our kids here at Malden.

Kathleen Searles

Ellie wants to show me that she is trying her best and is much more responsible. Her handwriting has also improved! She talks about her Elevator a lot!

Sherri Call

Mr. Peterson helped a great deal with Izaic this year. There has been an increased motivation on Izaic's part, to do well on his assignments, especially spelling. I believe Izaic's reading ability has improved because of his Elevator. Izaic loved Mr. Peterson's stories about travel, particularly New Orleans. Izaic's general attitude toward school  improved and he looked forward to meeting with his Elevator each week. Time well-spent. Thank you!

Carolyn Ferrell

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Education Elevators is a West Virginia based, non-profit organization that partners businesses and organizations with local schools to match their employees with students in need of mentors, role models, friendship, academic support, and individual attention.By impacting individual students, we respond to fundamental needs in our communities.Education Elevators is designed to facilitate and support meaningful mentoring partnerships of businesses and organizations with local elementary schools.

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