Program Evaluations

The program is working great, at least as far as I have been involved. I really enjoy my time spent with Stephen. Stephen always seems happy to see me and he always tells me he enjoys what we do. I have emailed his mom to ask about him while school has been closed and she tells me he says he misses me and our time together. I think I have made a difference for Stephen. He is doing well and we play games that help with different aspects of schoolwork - reading, math, science experiments, etc.

Rhonda Henson

Education Elevators has fulfilled their side of the relationship. I can not think of anything else that could be done. I really enjoy this program and I will be forever grateful that Potesta decided to join up. I'm looking forward to next year with Summer. It'll be a bittersweet year since she'll be a 5th grader and our journey will be coming to an end.

Lisa DeCrease

Ariana was shy at the beginning but as we got to know each other, she became very open and engaging. I am pleased with the fact that Ariana and I established a good relationship in which we could talk about many things and listen to each other.

Agatha Munyanyi

Things are going great, but how about a field trip or EE get together or something similar? Jeffrey still hassome behavioral issues in class, but never with me. Other than not listening occasionally. I'd say he's doing great for a 7 year old, all things considered. He's got a rough home life I've been told. It's been a humbling experience - not everyone has it as good as I did growing up. I hope I'm helping!

Lenny Wilson

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Education Elevators is a West Virginia based, non-profit organization that partners businesses and organizations with local schools to match their employees with students in need of mentors, role models, friendship, academic support, and individual attention.By impacting individual students, we respond to fundamental needs in our communities.Education Elevators is designed to facilitate and support meaningful mentoring partnerships of businesses and organizations with local elementary schools.

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