Elevator Spotlight

spotlight kristiHow would you describe Brooklin? She is smart, outgoing, talkative, full of life, and always has a smile on her face. But most of all, she is very loving!

What do you enjoy most about your time with Brooklin? No matter how my day is going – good, bad or in-between – she always puts a smile on my face. I get as much from her as I give to her. From the first day, she told me I was her best friend. She is very endearing! And best of all, we are a perfect match! I feel like she is my mini-me (but with blonde hair)!  

Have you noticed any changes in Brooklin since you have started meeting with her? She has always been outgoing and personable from day one, but after a few meetings, I felt that she could talk to me on a deeper level. Her teacher said she is doing great in school.  

What do you like best about being an Elevator? The sense of making a difference in someone’s life. Being a part of the program that gives children so much confidence and enthusiasm for school and friendships. The smile and hug of pure joy when I arrive and leave each visit, is more than I could ask for!

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Education Elevators is a West Virginia based, non-profit organization that partners businesses and organizations with local schools to match their employees with students in need of mentors, role models, friendship, academic support, and individual attention.By impacting individual students, we respond to fundamental needs in our communities.Education Elevators is designed to facilitate and support meaningful mentoring partnerships of businesses and organizations with local elementary schools.

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