Rene' Norman

Rene’ Norman is a Senior Engineer in the Operations Planning Department at TransCanada. She works daily with Gas Control, Facility Planning, Marketing and Customer Service to model and manage the flow of natural gas through CPG’s US pipelines.

Mrs. Norman graduated from WVU in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. She moved to Charleston and began her career with Columbia Transmission Corporation in the Facility Planning Department. She had three children, Jeremy, Samantha and Preston and left her engineering job to raise them. She enrolled at WV State University and received her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (Science, Chemistry and Math) in 2000 and taught Science and Math throughout Kanawha County until 2013. At that point she returned to work in the engineering field.

While at Sissonville High School, Mrs. Norman was chairman of the Federally funded Safe and Supportive School (S3) program. The S3 program targeted interventions to improve the school climate – including the quality and character of the school life. She also started the Rachel’s Challenge Club at the school to target bullying and promote kindness. Mrs. Norman coached tennis at John Adams Middle school and Sissonville High school.

Mrs. Norman became involved with the Education Elevator program in the fall of 2016. She has served as an Elevator for 2 years and is currently Co-chairman of the Education Elevator Program at TransCanada.   /   PO Box 11302 Charleston, WV 25339  /  (304) 595-0895

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