Becca Revercomb After thirty-seven years, Becca is a recently-retired public school teacher with experience in high school, junior high  and elementary school. For several years, she represented Piedmont Elementary School in the NASA Teachers in Space Program and was one of the first four teachers in WV to experience Zero Gravity.  Becca also coached and managed the Piedmont  Chess Club and helped lead the kids to six state championships.  She was one of the founding members of the Education Elevators Program and currently serves on the Board’s Program Development Committee. Becca now does read-aloud to three classrooms at Malden Elementary and works with the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation on establishing a beginning teacher program. Becca lives in Charleston and is the mother of three adult sons and one Jack Russell Terrier. 

Becca Revercomb   /   PO Box 11302 Charleston, WV 25339  /  (304) 595-0895

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