What is the Education Elevator Program?


The mission of the Education Elevators program is to elevate the abilities and aspirations of students - to make them more confident in themselves and receptive to learning.



How Does the Education Elevator Program Work?


The Education Elevator program connects a West Virginia based business or organization with a local school to create a mutually beneficial partnership.  Volunteers ("Elevators") from the partner organization mentor students who attend the partner school. Elevators meet with their assigned student for 30-45 minutes each week at the school during regular school hours.  


Research has shown that the presence of a caring adult role model is the most important determinant in who and what a child becomes. 



Who's an Elevator?


Elevators are matched with individual students for the purpose of mentoring, friendship and academic support.   However, they are also incubators of innovation!  Elevators are not burdened by specific curricular requirements, but are free to work with their student on projects or activities that they find interesting.   


By sharing their interests and passions, Elevators can introduce their student to a whole new world of things that may spark a passion in their student.  (In turn, students may expose Elevators to new things that ignite a spark in the Elevator)!


Elevators impact the lives of their students in five important ways:

  • By enhancing social skills and emotional well being.

  • Improving cognitive skills through dialogue and listening

  • Serving as a Role Model

  • Building Self Confidence and

  • Inspiring Curiosity and Motivation to Learn


Elevators commit to meet with the student they have been matched for at least one academic year, but in many cases after a strong relationship has been formed, Elevators continue with their student for many years.   As one Elevator put it, “You can’t stop me from Elevating!”



"The thirty minutes a week with their

  Elevator can mean a lifetime of change for a student."


Emily Patterson,

Guidance Counselor 



"The Education Elevators program is a valuable asset for students, staff and families.  Elevators make a difference - one student at a time."



Beth Sturgill, 





"Alex's Elevator helped him to become more confident in his abilities, more willing to express his feelings, more caring towards others and even helped improve Alex's grades!"



Kim Landers,

5th Grade Teacher 


"From assisting with academics, building

self esteem or sharing in special interests,

the 'Elevators' have given these children hope for a brighter future."


Brenda Freed,

Division Secretary


Division of Student Support Services, WVDOE​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

   info@educationelevators.org   /   PO Box 11302 Charleston, WV 25339  /  (304) 595-0895

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