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All children have infinite potential, but in order to unlock that potential they need to know that they have it.


We embrace the model of positive youth development that focuses on the Five Cs:






We also stress the importance of a Sixth C: Curiosity.  

Children who display these characteristics are more likely to 

be successful in academics, social situations and life in general. 

Relationships are the “active” ingredient in helping children develop these skills.

We also know that in order to succeed, kids need someone who believes in them and aspirations. 


Elevators serve as role models and a source of support, but they inspire students to tap into their own passions.  As a result, Elevators provide their students with the skills they need to succeed and help their students take flight!

"Relationships are the soil in which children's emotional learning

skills grow."


   Susan Jones and Suzanne Bouffard          Harvard University, 2012   /   PO Box 11302 Charleston, WV 25339  /  (304) 595-0895

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