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amazing Elevators!

On March 1st, we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a Gala at the Walker Theater in the Clay Center. WVU President, Dr. Gordon Gee, presented a keynote speech about the importance of mentoring. Steve Knighton and Stacey Losh spoke about the history and impact of the program. Combined with the Old Hollywood glam theme, Larry Groce as Master of Ceremonies, Bob Thompson playing period jazz, and the Performance Quartet of the WV Youth Symphony performing a feature piece, it was quite a celebration!

“When an Elevator comes into a child’s life, even once a week matters. This is time they feel loved and safe, and they are able to play and just be a kid. Once a week they receive undivided attention from someone who tells them that they matter.”

-Stacey Losh

Early Literacy Specialist 

Board of Education

John & Jamar Video

“Elevators are heroic and honored by all of us who labor to illuminate the minds of children. You reinforce our instruction and extend the boundaries of what our students can achieve with your presence, your encouragement and your purpose.”

-Steve Knighton, Former Principal at Piedmont Elementary

Education Elevators is such an exemplary program because it brings citizens, schools and businesses together to produce change.
-Dr. Gordon Gee

Dr. Gordon Gee

WV Youth Symphony Performance Quartet

Gayle C. Manchin presenting a Letter of Proclamation from Senator Joe Manchin to Allison McJunkin

 Legacy Award Recipient

Jay Margolis

Education Elevator Award of Excellence Recipients

Amy Crist

Doug Crouse

Sammantha Delph

Missy Spangler Stotts

Sharon Suppa



Lifetime Achievement Award

Callen McJunkin

Jamie & Kasey McJunkin

Producers Guild

Jackson Kelly, PLLC

Herbert E. Jones Jr & Gloria C. Jones Fund
Moses Auto Group

Orders Construction Company


Best Picture

Michael Wehrle

Wells Fargo Foundation

Best Director

Adelyn Jones
Julie Margolis

Brittain & Judy McJunkin

Jim & Mary McJunkin

Mac & Mary Lou McJunkin

Jennifer McJunkin Schwartz

Curt & Anne Steele

Suttle & Stalnaker, PLLC

Margaret & Jay Costan

Best Leading Role

Ted & Calvert Armbrecht

Mark R. Eaker

Education and the Arts, Office of Secretary

Greylock Energy

Megan Justice Photography

Jay & Diane Meriwether

Mary Anne Michael

Holmes & Antoinette Morrison

Bob & Nikki Moses
Nina Peyton

Bob & Christine Pollard

Silling Architects
Steve & Diane Walker

Gary & JoAnn

White Young Floral
ZMM Architect Engineers

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Mike & Laura Lee Albert

Ann Bradley

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